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COVID-19 Related Information

Special benefits relevant to COVID-19 pandemic

The following list is links to information about special benefits relevant to COVID-19 pandemic to be provided by Japanese govenment and local governments in Japan.

Japanese government

  • 100,000 yen cash handout per person
  • Cash handout to be provided small and medium-sized enterprises including sole proprietors whose sales amount in any month of 2020 decreased by more than 50% from the same month the year before with difference between the total sales last year and the twelvefold monthly sales in the selected month in 2020
    and no more than two million yen per corporation, or one million yen per sole proprietor

You can obtain slides in PDF file format outlining the emergency economic measures provided by Japanese gorvenment from the following link.

Emergency Economic Measures to Cope with COVID-19 (provisional English translation prepared by cabinet office)

Other special subsidies and subvention

Reimbursement for unpaid wages on behalf of the employer

Benefits and urgent loans provided by local governments

Cash handout to be provided by local govenments

Some local govenments are preparing for providing cash handout to business operators that would temporarily close their businesses or reduce their operating hours in compliance with such requests under the state of emergency as you can find among the following links.

The information and/or any data files you can obtain from the following links are written in Japanese language unless otherwise specified in the followings.

Please be informed that the brief descriptions of subvention by each local govenment focus on the amounts to be provided and disregard detailed requirements to be qualified for such subventions. Also, the plans of subventions could be altered later than listed herein (as of April 30, 2020). Please get in touch with the relevant local governments for further updated information and consultation.









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