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COVID-19 Related Information

Benefits and urgent loans provided by local governments relevant to COVID-19 pandemic

The following list is links to information about benefits and urgent loans relevant to COVID-19 pandemic to be provided by local govenments in Japan.

Benefits for securing accommodations

By amendment in April 2020 of an ordinance of Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare concerning Law to help needy persons become financially independent, a person suffering economic hardships, because not only who lost one's job or closed a business within two years, but also whose income decreased to the same conditions of unemployment or closed a business on account of any reason not attributable to the person's failure, and becomes hard to secure one's accommodation by paying rents will be able to receive benefits for securing accommodation according to the law.

The benefits will be paid by municipal governments for three to nine months' rent amount, if,

1. the person used to be or is the main person to sustain the household upon the application;

2. the incomes and the financial assets of the person and others' in same household are less than certain amounts decided by the municipal government respectively;

3. the person submitted a job application to a job-placement office; and

4. none of the person and others in the same household received any similar benefits and none of them are yakuza gangsters.

Special measures to urgent loans by local councils of social welfare

Notice of special measures to urgent loans (pdf file)

Local councils of social welfare provide special measures to urgent loans without interests and guarantees as follows:

To the families who need urgently and temporarily money to support lives due to decrease of incomes by temporary suspension of operations of businesses affected by COVID-19 infections:

  • Up to 200,000 yen for the family making a living by working for schools or self-employment
  • Up to 100,000 yen for other families

To the families who suffer economic hardships by losing works of decrease of incomes and became hard to maintain daily lives

Loans no more than three-month period up to

  • 200,000 yen per month for the family of two or more members
  • 150,000 yen per month for the single families
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