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Reimbursement for unpaid wages on behalf of the employer pursuant to Act on Ensuring Wage Payment

An employee, who

  • was employed by a business enterprise that had been engaged in any business covered by workers' compensation insurance for job-related accidents for more than a year;
  • has retired from the enterprise within two years from six months before its filing a bankruptcy petition with a court, or application for a certification with a labor standards supervision office,
  • in relation to the enterprise's bankruptcy by a decision or an order issued by a court, or no court's procedure but a head of relevant labor standards supervision office certified the enterprise with small or medium-sized ceased its business activities in practice without any chance for resuming its business operations and lacked its ability to pay for wages; and
  • has unpaid wages and/or retirement allowance in total more than 20,000 yen,

can receive 80% of the total unpaid wages and retirement allowance that was due and payable during the period from six months before the employee's retirement date up to the day before the employee's filing the application for the reimbursement

The application for this reimbursement shall be first consulted with the relevant labor standards supervision office.

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