Legal Services on Japanese Laws

Services for Business Clients

We provide business clients with services on issues of:

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts;
  • Providing a legal opinion regarding proposed business plans;
  • Collection of claims: such as claim for unpaid sales proceeds;
  • Claims for damages: such as infringement of intellectual properties; and others.

Drafting and reviewing contracts

We assist business clients to draft contracts for clients' expected business transactions; or to review drafts of contracts proposed by the counter parties in certain expected transactions and to make comments on negative points and risks for the clients if the contracts are executed; and/or to make suggestions about counter proposals for amendments to improve the terms and conditions on the expected transactions for the clients.

We also assist business clients to prepare translations of Japanese contracts into English or vice versa for the clients’reviews.

Collection of claims

We assist business clients to resolve monetary problems, such as collection of claims from debtors by sending a claim letter and filing a lawsuit, if necessary, and disputes regarding real-estates rentals.

Claims for damages

We assist business clients to resolve damages problem by tortious acts, such as infringement of copyrights by unauthorized use of photographs, articles, etc.

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