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How to dispute labor related problems

We provide general information about how to dispute labor related problems.

Mediation at a Dispute Coordinating Committee under a Labor Bureau

An employee who has disputes with the employer with respect to working conditions or other issues concerning labor relationships with an employer can request a Dispute Coordinating Committee under a Labor Bureau to mediate the disputes with the employer. By such a request, an employee may expect the Labor Bureau’s administrative directions to the employer or further the mediation by the committee for free of charge.

The mediation at this committee, however, will be started if the Labor Bureau considers it is necessary and has neither binding legal effects to the parties nor obligation to attend the procedure. Therefore, even if an employee requests the committee to mediate the disputes, the committee does not necessarily resolve the disputes effectively by a mediation with both parties attended. In addition, the committee deals with only the dispute between an employee and the employer concerning labor relationships. Any other problems at the work place, such as sexual harassments, power harassments, or any other types of harassments by a supervisor and/or colleagues cannot be resolved through this procedure.

Report to a Labor Standards Inspection Office having jurisdiction over the employer

Filing for a Labor Tribunal Procedure

Filing for a litigation and/or provisional remedies

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