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How to dispute labor related problems

We provide general information about how to dispute labor related problems.

Filing for a Labor Tribunal Procedure

Labor tribunal procedure is expected to resolve the disputes arose between an employee and an employer about their labor relations in short period by law and the sessions are limited up to three times; the tribunal committee consists of three members, including one judge and two others having employer and employee sides background. This procedure is expected to settle the case for quick resolution and always the committee tries to mediate the case, but if the parties cannot agree on any conditions voluntarily, the committee can decide by a Shimpan adjudication, not a judgement but has the same effect as settlement if it becomes final and confirmed by neither party's filing objection.

If it is apparent for the tribunal committee that the case is too complicated to decide within only three sessions, the committee can declare the case is not appropriate for tribunal; then the case goes to litigation stage. Since the sessions are limited up to three times, the volume of evidence is limited and any complicated case, such as the case of redundancy, could be hard to decide in short period of time and usually inappropriate for this procedure.

Report to a Labor Standards Inspection Office having jurisdiction over the employer

Mediation at a Dispute Coordinating Committee under a Labor Bureau

Filing for a litigation and/or provisional remedies

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