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How to dispute labor related problems

We provide general information about how to dispute labor related problems.

Filing for a litigation and/or provisional remedies

If the disputes are not expected to resolve by the administrative directions and are not appropriate for a labor tribunal procedure, then the dispute needs to try to be resolved by filing for a litigation and/or provisional remedies in such a case as unilateral termination by the employer and the employee needs to be compensated to sustain his/her life by a court’s decision to be made as soon as possible.

The litigation and provisional remedies are official procedures to seek a court’s official judgment or decision and expected to take long until the court’s rendering a judgment or decision. However, these procedures are often used for setting up a location for negotiation in court after failure of reaching an agreement with the counter party or parties through out of court negotiation directly between the parties. Therefore, it is usual even in these procedures the court suggests the parties to settle the case by the court’s mediation.

Report to a Labor Standards Inspection Office having jurisdiction over the employer

Mediation at a Dispute Coordinating Committee under a Labor Bureau

Filing for a Labor Tribunal Procedure

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