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The real-world address of the counter party is indispensable

Some clients who would like to claim for damages have no contact information regarding the counter parties, except mobile phone numbers, e-mail accounts or any accounts on social networking services. In such cases, it may be possible to claim for damages by calling the mobile phones, sending e-mails or messages to such accounts; however, such contacts will be easily blocked by the counter parties by rejection of calls from specific phone numbers or anonymous calls, or configuring the settings for filtering the contacts from the claimants.

Under such circumstances, the client may want to initiate any legal procedures by bring an action to the court or any other action. Such legal procedures, however, either in court by starting a procedure from service of documents to the counter party, or out of court by sending a demand letter to the counter party, the real-world address of the counter party is indispensable, because such actions use postal service that requires the real-world address to deliver any messages or documents to the counter party. Therefore, in some cases that the client has no contact information of the counter party, the client first needs to investigate the address of the counter party by using detectives or any other research companies at the client's own expense.

In some cases that the client believes to have been suffered damages from infringement of intellectual properties rights or by defamations on a website, the client may request an internet service provider who provided the infringer or the defamer with its connection service to the Internet to disclose the contact information of the alleged infringer or the defamer; however, most of those providers will not disclose such a personal information until any court order is issued against the provider regardless of a statute that exempts the provider from any legal liabilities arose from its disclosure of such a personal information under certain conditions.

Grounds for demanding monetary payment: contracts or torts

Filing a complaint or an answer for a lawsuit

A winning judgment may need to be enforced to collect money

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