Legal Services on Japanese Laws

Lawsuits in court

We provide general information about how to litigate in court.

Filing a complaint or an answer for a lawsuit

We assist the client to institute a lawsuit by filing a complaint with a court that is a summary court if the amount of economical benefits sought by the lawsuit is no more than 1.4 million yen, or a district court if the amount is more than 1.4 million yen. There are some exceptional rules and please contact us for the details. We also assist the client who received a complaint as a defendant and usually is required to respond to the complaint by filing an answer in writing within short period of time.

In both assisting a plaintiff or a defendant, we advise the client how to proceed the lawsuit by drafting a complaint or an answer to file the client's allegations on the dispute and by selection and/or collection of evidence to be produced for supporting the client's allegations. If the case goes to examination stage, we advise the client and/or a witness how to speak in court and simulate questions and answers dialogues to prepare for the party's or a witness examination in a court room.

Grounds for demanding monetary payment: contracts or torts

The real-world address of the counter party is indispensable

A winning judgment may need to be enforced to collect money

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