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A winning judgment may need to be enforced to collect money

Even if the client wins the case by a judgment, the client may further need to enforce the judgment in order to collect money according to the judgment. The client's claim can be enforced pursuant to the judgment against the lost defendant's properties; however, the court does not help the client to make a search for enforceable defendant's properties.

In cooperation with Bar Associations in Japan, some banks in Japan disclose a bank account information under the name of the lost defendant in response to an inquiry letter under the name of a chairman of a bar association in Japan accompanied by information about an enforceable judgment or a decision by a court. With regard to other properties than such bank accounts, the client who has no idea where the defendant has his/her properties needs to hire detectives or any other research companies at the client's own expense; or the winning judgment becomes not worth the paper it is written on. This is a reason that many of civil cases tend to end by settlement that the plaintiff will not worry about collection of money, though usually the amount and/or payment plan are not necessarily satisfactory to the plaintiff.

Grounds for demanding monetary payment: contracts or torts

The real-world address of the counter party is indispensable

Filing a complaint or an answer for a lawsuit

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