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Negotiations in or out of court

We assist the client to hold negotiations for dispute resolution out of court or in court.

In court negotiation by conciliation procedure

We assist the client who seeks a solution to settle the disputes through in court negotiation by filing a petition for conciliation procedure with a court to seek an amicable solution between the parties if the counter party or parties are expected to come to the negotiation table and agree to hold talks in such a procedure. The petition for the conciliation procedure on civil affairs can be filed with a summary court and conciliation committee consists of three members including a judge tries to find a way to settle the disputes between the parties by proposing a conciliation plan, if possible and appropriate. If the parties reach an agreement through conciliation, then such an agreement is recorded in an official court document and has the same legal effect as a final and conclusive judgment.

The conciliation procedure, however, will end in failure if the respondent does not appear to the court or the parties cannot reach an agreement even through conciliation procedure. Therefore, the client often wants to file a lawsuit immediately after the out of court negotiation ended unsuccessfully.

Out of court negotiation

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