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Child custody dispute case: a father client got his kids back from their mother

The client had two kids and his wife was a busy corporate worker, whereas the client himself was self-employed and usually worked at home and mainly took care of his kids for their daily lives at home. On a holiday when the client went out for a gathering of his friends leaving his kids back at home in the care of his wife, the client's wife disappeared with his kids without informing him of where to go. The client somehow located where they were and requested his wife to discuss the issue of her alleged his domestic violence against her in person. When the couple met again with their kids, the younger kid ran in from his mother to hug his father and the couple got into an argument who should take care of their kids. After the client's rejection of his wife's try to get the younger kid back from him, the client's wife ran away with her elder kid and the couple and two kids became separated. Soon after the client received a notice from a family court about his wife's petitions for Shimpan adjudications of appointment of her as a custodian of their kids and an order to hand over the younger kid to her, he visited us for our advice about how to deal with the case.

We assisted the client to file petitions for Shimpan adjudications against his wife on the same issues requesting the court to appoint him as the custodian of their kids and to issue an order to hand over the elder kid to him. We produced many photographs of the scenes of the client's taking care of his kids and other records of his communications with his kids' nursery schools as evidence, and after interviewing both parties and some other parties related to his family, a family court's investigator made a report on the issues to be decided in favor of the client. Subsequently, the parties started to negotiate the plan of kids' visitations and the client settled the disputes by getting his kids back from his wife.

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