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Child custody dispute case: a mother client got her kid back from her separated husband

The client was a mother having a minor kid and worked as a corporate worker same as her husband, but she mainly took care of her kid when she was at home. However, the client's husband wanted her to stay home to take care of his kid as his mother did, which sometimes caused marital quarrels as far as the client's husband punched the client in her face and kicked her in her legs that caused injury to her. In fear of being seriously injured, the client started to consider escaping from home with her kid to a shelter for her separation from her husband; however, the client's husband first took his kid away from his home during the client's absence for her work and disappeared without notice where to go.

By text communications, the client repeatedly requested her husband to let her see her kid, but her husband rejected her request unless the client admitted her violence against him and agreed to get divorced with his parental authority over kid after divorce. The client rejected her husband’s proposal and the client's husband suggested to her to file a petition for a conciliation procedure on visitation and the client came to us for our advice about how she would be able to see her kid again.

After consultation with her regarding her true intention on her relationships to her husband and her kid, we decided to assist her to file Shimpan adjudications requesting a family court to appoint the client as the custodian of her kid during their separation and to issue an order to hand over his kid to her. We produced many photographs of the scenes of the client's taking care of her kid and supporting statements by her friends, her colleagues and her neighbors as evidence. While the family court reviewed the client's Shimpan adjudication case and investigated whether or not the client should be appointed as the custodian in the procedure, the court mediated her visitation with her kid that realized a few times before the court's decision. After about a half year’s procedure, the client won the case and successfully got her kid back from her husband.

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