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Collection of unpaid sales proceeds case: a corporate client got a winning judgment in contrast to a decision in the U.S.

The client was a company located in the U.S. and had dealt in branded goods with a company located in Japan. The client had trouble with collection of its bills, because the client sold the goods on credit to the Japanese company due within a few months from arrival of the goods shipped, but it had repeatedly failed to make payments for its purchase money on time.

The client finally brought a lawsuit against the Japanese company for collection of the unpaid sales proceeds in the U.S.; however, the client lost the lawsuit unfortunately by a court's application of a U.S. local state law. Then the client came to us for our advice about possible legal action in Japan.

We assisted the client to file another lawsuit against the Japanese company in a Japanese court alleging an international convention should be applied in priority to the U.S. local state law in favor of the client. The court agreed to our opinion about the applicable law to the client's transactions with the defendant and the client won the case completely.

1. Labor dispute case: an employee client resolved the disputes early through a labor tribunal procedure

2. Labor dispute case: an employee client successfully settled the disputes by out of court negotiation after unilateral termination of employment by the employer

3. Divorce suit case: a husband client got divorced through lengthy disputes with his wife

4. Divorce conciliation case: a mother client successfully got a divorce with all issues resolved through two-year conciliation

5. Divorce conciliation case: a father client successfully settled the disputes on getting a divorce with parental authority over kids by in court conciliation negotiation

6. Child custody dispute case: a father client got his kids back from their mother

7. Child custody dispute case: a mother client got her kid back from her separated husband

8. Lease agreement dispute case: a tenant client could settle the case in a short period

10. Trademark infringement case: a corporate client could settle the alleged trademark infringement case in a short period

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