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Divorce suit case: a husband client got divorced through lengthy disputes with his wife

The client had a minor kid and often had quarrels with his wife about many things during his co-habitation with his wife, until his wife's relocation to her parents' home with his kid to be separated from the client. Shortly after his wife's separation, the client became unable to locate his wife allegedly lived together with her parents who also blocked the client's contacts and ignored his inquiry about his kid. Having worried his kid's living conditions, the client filed petitions for a conciliation procedure on adjustment of relationships between the couple and visitation with his kid, while his wife independently filed a petition for conciliation procedure seeking divorce from the client and all the conciliation procedures were merged. The client himself negotiated with his wife's attorney during the conciliation procedures about his visitation with his kid but he could see his kid only an hour for about a year-long procedure. Having grown distrustful of his wife's and her parents' attitudes toward him, the client broke off the negotiation in the conciliation procedures and came to us for our advice about further procedures.

We filed a divorce suit against the client's wife with request of his having parental authority over kid after divorce. Later the client's wife filed a counter claim of divorce with request of her having parental authority over kid after divorce as well as claims for payment of child support money, properties distributions, and mental damages by the client's domestic violence. Subsequently, both parties alleged many different episodes and stories about marital quarrels and blamed each other for the other party's responsibility for the marital strife. Having got tired for more than three years disputes with his wife, the client finally agreed to the cour's proposed settlement plan to give up his parental authority after divorce with promise by his wife to give him opportunities to see his kid that she actually did while they argued in the divorce suit.

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