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Divorce conciliation case: a mother client successfully got a divorce with all issues resolved through two-year conciliation

The client was a housewife and a mother of a minor kid and annoyed by her husband's verbal violence toward her. Once in the midst of the fierce squabble, the client's husband threw things toward her, which did not hurt her, but her kid started crying with fear of his father's furious anger. Then the client decided to separate from him with her kid and escaped to her parents' home together with her kid during her husband's absence for his work on a weekday. Then the client visited us for our advice about how to get divorced.

We assisted the client to file a petition for a divorce conciliation procedure with request of her having parental authority over a kid after divorce as well as a petition for a request for sharing the living expenses against her husband. The two cases were merged to deal with on the same days and the client's husband attended the conciliation procedure every time; however, he did not agree to get divorced from the client. The conciliation committee decided to separate the case of the request for sharing the living expenses from the divorce case and the client could reach an agreement with her husband to receive monthly payment from him for her living expenses.

The client's husband kept rejecting the divorce even after more than a half year passed from the client's filing for a divorce. We urged the conciliation committee to declare the failure of the conciliation procedure for us to move forward further to initiate a divorce suit; however, the conciliation committee kept declining to cease the conciliation as the time was unripe. Finally, after a more than a year from the filing for a divorce conciliation, the client's husband agreed to start negotiation for the divorce as the client requested, while he filed a conciliation for his visitation with his kid. Subsequently, the parties negotiated about the conditions of divorce, properties distribution, child support money as well as visitation conditions, while the client cooperated to give her husband to see her kid a few times. Finally, the client successfully got divorced from her husband through a conciliation procedure spent two years.

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