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Labor dispute case: an employee client resolved the disputes early through a labor tribunal procedure

The client was informed of his dismissal by his employer on account of closing down the section he belonged to by change of business direction of the company and was offered a special lump sum retirement package in case of his voluntary resignation from the company. Being unsatisfied with the conditions of the special retirement package, the client did not agree to his voluntary resignation. Subsequently the client received a notice of termination of his employment with the company from the employer as well as request of either moving out from the company housing or having a lease agreement for the client's residence directly with the landlord. Then the client came to consult with us.

We first sent a notice to the employer informing the client's intention to challenge the validity of the termination of employment. In response to our notice, the employer offered to have a talk with us and we started to talk with the employer and first requested to extend the deadline for moving out from the company housing. The employer agreed to extend the deadline of the client's moving out from the company housing for a month and the client could find another residence to move in. Meanwhile, the two-month negotiation about the client's demand for retraction of his dismissal or increased amounts of the retirement package could not reach an agreement, though both the client and the employer hoped to resolve the disputes early by negotiation.

Then we decided to file a petition for a labor tribunal procedure to expect the court's mediation of the disputes. Although the disputes on the dismissal of being redundant are generally complicated and inappropriate for the labor tribunal procedure to be resolved within a short period, we persuaded the court to deal with the client's case in a labor tribunal procedure. On the first date for the procedure, the parties could not resolve the differences of their opinions; however, during the two weeks before the second date, the judge encouraged the both parties to compromise and the client could settle the disputes on the second date of the labor tribunal procedure by an agreement with the employer at more favorable terms to him.

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